Why are high voltage wiring harnesses of new energy vehicles covered with orange wire loom


Automobile wiring harness is the main body of automobile circuit network and the carrier of automobile circuit existence. Automotive wiring harness is the bridge and link of vehicle electrical components, and is the nervous system of vehicle power and signal transmission and distribution. High voltage wiring harnesses can be configured for internal and external wiring harnesses of electric vehicles according to different voltage levels. Mainly used in the distribution box internal wiring harness signal distribution, efficient and high-quality transmission of power, shielding external signal interference. The high voltage connection system consists of a high voltage harness and a connector. DC/DC, water heating PTC charger, air heating PTC, DC charging port, power motor, high voltage harness, maintenance switch, inverter, power battery, high pressure box, electric air conditioning, AC charging port, etc., all need to use connectors; The high voltage harness is the neural network of the high voltage system of new energy vehicles, which is very important.

High voltage harness insulation and sheathing:

High voltage wiring harness of new energy vehicles generally uses orange bellows as cladding, which plays the role of anti-wear, noise reduction, heat insulation and aesthetics.

The corrugated pipe is matched with the corresponding part of the car body to seal, waterproof and other effects. According to its heat resistance, materials resistant to 125 ° C are generally selected, and materials resistant to 150 ° C are used for the high-voltage cable of the drive motor.

 Automobile wiring harness

Length of high voltage harness:

According to the general arrangement of the vehicle and the wiring harness diagram, the required length of the cable is measured, and on the basis of the measured length, it is appropriate to increase the margin not more than 200mm.

Length of bellows:

According to the length of the cable, the length of the cable into the component must be subtracted from the cable length. The specific value of the subtracted length depends on the specific component.

The orange bellows selected for high voltage wire harness jacket are generally customized flame retardant bellows, excellent performance of flame retardant performance, orange bellows flame retardant level of V0, self-extinguishing from fire, environmental protection, no odor. In addition, it has high mechanical load strength, flexibility, resistance to distortion, friction, acid, alkali, inorganic salts, lubricating oil, aging resistance, and can meet all the performance requirements in Appendix D of QC/T 29106 technical safety conditions for electric buses.

Orange bellows are most common in car cabins and front and rear protective structures. Internal high temperature, vibration, cabin liquid leakage, etc., resulting in high temperature and high humidity working environment, the cable protection level in this area is the highest, and some wire harness protection must be used bellows. In addition, in the daily driving process, the vehicle will often face wading, mud and other road conditions, the working environment of the cable in the front and rear protection structure is in the low temperature wet area, the cable protection in the area should be as far as possible to moistureproof, waterproof, and prevent rubbing, and the use of corrugated pipes is also very common.


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