How to control the proper density of the braided network?


Because of the rapid development trend of braided sleeving custom, now we often can see the shadow of braided cable sleeve management, then we have no doubt that more or less will be applied to, so the following is to tell you how to control the appropriate density of braided sleeving management, so that everyone is more master for weaving network management.

wire protector sleeve

There is a customized braided sleeving management called telescopic customized network management, so the package vehicle wiring harness will generally be expanded, the larger the level of expansion, the less it will generally look, but some industries, some consumers expect to look a little closer, so what do we do, weaving network management is not density points, the answer is naturally there.

It is pointed out that when consumers feel too loose, the general practice of trading companies or electronic cities is to propose that consumers apply a higher specification model weaving network, reduce the expansion rate of goods, and then improve the tightness, but usually there will be a large specification model situation, at this moment in fact, we can choose to add the density of weaving network.

The general density of the 3 wire braid sleeve management set by default on the sales market is 8 up and down, and the drawing is 11, so if you can have a more dense network management, you must find a weaving network management processing plant customized, the actual amount can also be specified and determined by yourself, so the weaving network management manufacturers recommend consumers if the density is specified, as far as possible to select customized high-density braid network management.

In fact, what is the key inconvenience in this period is it? At this stage, weaving network management is mostly used for wiring harnesses, urban rail, industrial equipment vehicle wiring harnesses, server cabinet vehicle wiring harnesses and other industries, with beautiful and generous, combing, maintenance and other functions, the provisions are very high, relative to this, weaving network management price looks especially cost-effective, but it can not be ignored.

Because in the process of work, there are usually some small chances of accidents, such as route fire, and at this moment if you choose not flame retardant braided sleeving, because the braid network itself is owned by flammable and explosive goods, it is very easy to increase the fire, the adverse effects can not be predicted, and if the manufacturer selected flame retardant braid network,Because the flame-retardant woven network has flame retardants, the fire is extinguished, which can stop the spread of the fire well, gain time for the fire fighting staff and reduce the damage.


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