Do you know what the test and function of braided sleeving is?


Braided sleeving is one of the basic components of semiconductor, with current amplification, the core components of electronic circuits, various types of domestic crystal braided sleeve there are many kinds, pin arrangement is not the same, the use of uncertain pin arrangement braided wire sleeve, must be measured to determine the correct position of each pin, or find the transistor user manual,Clear the characteristics of the braided cable sleeve and the corresponding technical parameters and data, braided network is made of tough energy-saving PET silk braided, with strong scalability, abrasion, flame retardant and elastic properties.

braided wire sleeve

Reverse characteristic test, the red pen of the multimeter touches the positive pole of the braid sleeve, the black pen touches the negative pole of the braid sleeve, if the dial finger is at a large value or close to a large value, the pipe is qualified, the positive characteristic test, the black pen of the multimeter (positive electrode in the meter) touches the positive pole of the braid network management, the red pen (negative electrode in the meter) touches the negative pole of the braid sleeve,If the watch hand does not swing to 0 but stops in the middle of the scale dial, then the resistance value is the positive resistance of the braided network, generally the smaller the positive resistance, the better, if the positive resistance is 0, it indicates that the tube core short-circuit damage, if the positive resistance is close to the maximum value, it indicates that the tube core is broken, short circuit and broken pipe can not be used.

The switch element, braided sleeving under the action of forward voltage resistance is small, in the on-state, equivalent to a switched on switch;

Under the action of reverse voltage, the resistance is very large, in a cut-off state, like a disconnected switch, using the switch characteristics of the braided cable sleeve, can be composed of various logic circuits, detection braided sleeve, the radio plays a detection role, variable capacitance braided sleeving, used in the high frequency head of the TV, limiting elements, braided cable sleeve after the positive guide through,

The forward voltage drop is basically unchanged (0.7V for silicon tube and 0.3V for germanium tube). Using this feature, the signal amplitude can be limited within the range as a limiting element in the circuit, and the current braying sleeve, inductance and relay of the switching power supply play a role in the inductive load.

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