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Xiamen MJ Industrial Tech Co.,Ltd.

At the end of 19th century and the beginning of 20th century, with the development of the automobile industry, rail industry and electron industry. Cable sleeving manufacturing technology was introduced into China.

Our president, Dr. Jeff  is the first to engage in researching cable protection sleeving development and manufacturing technology in China since 2004. He was inspired by senior predecessors to design and improve a series of our key products including braided cable sleeving, split braided wire looms, zipper cable sleeving, hose protection sleeves and so forth.

Mr. Jeff took 13 years of effort to become an expert in the field of cable management solutions.

Under the leadership of Mr. Jeff, MJ was established in Xiamen, China.

Our core strategy is to focus on the most advanced technology in the industry, which helps us to carry out sustainable product innovation and achieve growth. With the aim to become important partner of our clients, we set up a strong team armed with technical and market knowledge to provide service and support.

In 2019, Quality Improvement Programme landed, and MJ built a flame retardant, abrasion resistant, anti-aging, and UV resistant testing laboratory.

In 2020, MJ have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and IATF16949 certification.

In 2021, brand E-flex was founded.

In 2022, the new energy sleeving R&D center was established. It has allowed the company to develop a wider range of material, which has promoted the increase of sales perfermance in the automotive and electronics industries.

Xiamen Mj Industrial Tech Co.,Ltd.

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